Bring Your Vision LORD – by Beth Auman

Prov 29 18Vision from God allows us to see from His perspective. When we see from God’s perspective we see the Truth.

When God reveals the Truth clearly to us – we must see it speak it and walk as He instructs – on His well lit path to fulfill that which He has shown to us.

This verse can be applied to all things that are going on today. People refuse to see the truth and they are truly running wild.

We as God’s people are to see the vision clearly and speak it forth like a bolt of lightening into the darkness that is in this earth.

We have genuine happiness as we adhere to God’s instruction. We are God’s Own and we are to go forth and bring the Light of the Truth – Jesus Christ into this earth. The Truth alone brings wholeness (Shalom), healing, deliverance, Godly change.

Never be ashamed to see the vision that God is giving to you. Never be ashamed to speak the Word of God clearly and bring His Truth to free another from running wild.

Lord – We ask for forgiveness for anytime that we have seen those running wild, seen the truth and kept our mouths shut.

Lord – please bring Your Vision, Your Truth and may we speak it out like a bolt of Your crystal clear lightning and bring Your Light, Your Truth into this world. We yield our entire beings  to You, Use us Lord to bring Your Vision – Your Light into each and every situation that You have designated for us to bring Your Vision – Your Truth. We desire Your will for our lives. We choose Your desire for our lives. Anoint and appoint us and may we be as well formed arrows in Your hand that hit the target every time in Jesus name Amen.

Psalm 144:6 The Voice Send forth bolts of lightning, and scatter my enemies.  Shoot Your fiery arrows, and rout the enemy.

Job 36:32 The Voice 32     In the palms of His hands He holds lightning and issues orders for it to strike its target.

John 8:31-32 Tree of Life Version (TLV) 31 Then Yeshua said to the Judeans who had trusted Him, “If you abide in My word, then you are truly My disciples. 32 You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free!”

Blessings and Shalom to each of you who have made the choice to abide in The Word, Know the truth, be set free. In Yeshua’s Name – Amen

Love Beyond Measure.


© Beth Auman 2016

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HUNGER by Lee Gossett


MATTHEW 5:6 Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, For they shall be filled (NKJV). The Message translation reads, “You’re blessed when you’ve worked up a good appetite for God. He’s food and drink in the best meal you’ll ever eat” (MSG).

Without food or water, we could not survive. Personally, I believe these needs are the deep desires within each of our hearts as Christians. Therefore, the spiritual “food and drink” essential to our lives is our righteousness in Christ. Nothing else can satisfy this longing or thirst within our spirits. Jentezen Franklin wrote an incredible book entitled “The Fasting Edge.”  In his book, he shares that we are called to make a choice – anything not lining up with the Word of God has to go.  We’re reminded that Jesus prayed and fasted so why shouldn’t we? Fasting prepares us for what we’ve yet to face building confidence and endurance for the trials and battles to come.

MATTHEW 4:4 Jesus answered by quoting Deuteronomy:  “It takes more than bread to stay alive. It takes a steady stream of words from God’s mouth” (MSG).

© Lee Gossett 2015

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Scripture of the Week by JoBeth Kested

Scripture for the week of May 22, 2016

JoBeth98I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you. Many are the woes of the wicked but the Lord’s unfailing love surrounds the one who trusts in him. Rejoice in the Lord and be glad, you righteous; sing, all you who are upright in heart! Psalm 32:8,10-11 (NIV)

Have you ever experienced a time when just by catching a look from someone you knew without a doubt exactly what they expected you to do or exactly what you needed to STOP doing? Most of us can easily remember “the look” from a parent or a teacher that clearly spoke louder than words and demanded our absolute attention! The key to being directed by “the look” implies you have to turn your eyes in that direction. This scripture informs us that the Lord has His eyes upon us. Our loving Father God is waiting for us to turn our eyes away from the cares, confusion and distractions that hinder us to focus our attention and trust upon Him. He already has His eyes fixed upon us and is so willing to teach us, guide us, council us and surround us with His loving presence. Then, with uplifted hearts we can sing, rejoice and be glad in the Lord our loving God! I will fix my eyes upon You, Lord, and rejoice in Your unfailing love!
By JoBeth Kested


I Am A Child of The Most High God by Beth Auman

I am a Child-3Have you ever struggled with self-worth? Allowed the devil to rob you of your self-esteem, beat you down and wear you out? We all have those days – however, we do have a choice. God’s Word says that we are Overcomers in Christ Jesus.  It is a choice to walk in the overcoming power that Jesus blood sacrifice provided for us. He was born, lived a sinless life, died and was resurrected so that we could overcome that devil through His sacrifice and just like Salvation – Overcoming is our choice.

We can still be saved by the blood of Jesus and go to heaven and never know how to overcome.  That’s not living the life that God planned for us. We are all going to have trials and tribulation – these are to strengthen our faith – to bring us closer to the Lord – not to defeat us. Jesus defeated the devil at the cross – he is a toothless, defeated foe. He comes only to kill, steal and destroy John 10:10. To draw you away from God’s best for your life. However, the devil cannot take one thing from you that you don’t give him. God always provides a way out, 1 Corinthians 10:13. It’s your choice to choose Him and not your circumstance and you must tell Him that you choose Him in each and every circumstance.

This is the key: In each and every circumstance we must choose the Lord first – speak life into our circumstance first and life will be. God is faithful and when we speak life – life is speaking God’s word into our situation – being positive and death is agreeing with the devils negativity in our situation. God’s plan for us is always good and positive.

Deuteronomy 30:19 (NASB) 19 I call heaven and earth to witness against you today, that I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. So choose life in order that you may live, you and your [a]descendants,

Proverbs 18:21 (NASB) 21 Death and life are in the [a]power of the tongue, And those who love it will eat its fruit.

I have had the awesome opportunity to spend time with several amazing women who have also struggled with self-worth, been beaten down and worn out. But by the blood of the Lamb of God and declaring and decreeing and agreeing with God’s word and His good plan– they have become the overcomers that Jesus spoke of in Revelation 12:11.

Please join me in this Overcoming Declaration  – say this as many times as you need to – allow the Lord to impart Himself – Faith – Joy – Victory and Peace into you so that the devil can never wear you down again.  Remember Jesus Christ is Lord and

Declare this out loud:

Lord – I choose You and I declare that I am a child of The Most High God. I am blood bought and paid for. By the blood of Jesus Christ His Son.

The same Spirit that raised Jesus Christ from the dead dwells in me and He quickens my mortal flesh.

Galatians 4:7 You no longer have to live as a slave because you are a child of God. And since you are His child, God guarantees an inheritance is waiting for you.

1 John 3:9 Everyone who has been born into God’s family avoids sin as a lifestyle because the genes of God’s children come from God Himself. Therefore, a child of God can’t live a life of persistent sin.

1 John 5:1 It’s easy to say “I love God,” but genuine love reflects God’s love. If we belong to God, then we will love each other regardless of how hard love is. Everyone who trusts Jesus as the long-awaited Anointed One is a child of God, and everyone who loves the Father cannot help but love the child fathered by Him.

Revelation 12:11   By the blood of the Lamb and the word of their witnesses, they have become victorious over him, For they did not hold on to their lives, even under threat of death.

1 Corinthians 7:23 The Voice (VOICE) 23 A high price has been paid for your freedom, so don’t devalue God’s investment by becoming a slave to people.

John 14:26 The Voice (VOICE) 26 The Father is sending a great Helper, the Holy Spirit, in My name to teach you everything and to remind you of all I have said to you.

Ephesians 5:17-20 King James Version (KJV)

17 Wherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is.

18 And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit;

19 Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord;

20 Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ;

1 Corinthians 12:3-12 The Voice (VOICE)

With that in mind, I want you to understand that no one saying “Jesus is cursed” is operating under God’s Spirit, and no one confessing “Jesus is Lord” can do so without the Holy Spirit’s inspiration.

Now there are many kinds of grace gifts, but they are all from the same Spirit. There are many different ways to serve, but they’re all directed by the same Lord. There are many amazing working gifts in the church, but it is the same God who energizes them all in all who have the gifts.

Paul’s description of the works of the Spirit, the Lord (Jesus), and God (the Father) links the three persons together in remarkable ways. Although Paul never articulates the doctrine of the Trinity, what he writes here about the Godhead relationship—their community of persons—becomes the raw materials used by later believers to construct the church’s teaching on the Trinity. In this chapter the apostle emphasizes the agency of the Spirit. For him the Spirit is not just an impersonal force or feeling; He is just as much a person within the Trinity as the Father and the Son. Accordingly, the Spirit chooses where to impart gifts as He works together with the Father and the Son to build up the church.

Each believer has received a gift that manifests the Spirit’s power and presence. That gift is given for the good of the whole community. The Spirit gives one person a word of wisdom, but to the next person the same Spirit gives a word of knowledge. Another will receive the gift of faith by the same Spirit, and still another gifts of healing—all from the one Spirit. 10 One person is enabled by the Spirit to perform miracles, another to prophesy, while another is enabled to distinguish those prophetic spirits. The next one speaks in various kinds of unknown languages, while another is able to interpret those languages. 11 One Spirit works all these things in each of them individually as He sees fit.

12 Just as a body is one whole made up of many different parts, and all the different parts comprise the one body, so it is with the Anointed One.

Romans 8:11 The Voice (VOICE) 11 If the Spirit of the One who resurrected Jesus from the dead lives inside of you, then you can be sure that He who raised Him will cast the light of life into your mortal bodies through the life-giving power of the Spirit residing in you.

Romans 8:11 (KJV) 11 But if the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, he that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by his Spirit that dwelleth in you.

John 10:10 The Voice 10 The thief approaches with malicious intent, looking to steal, slaughter, and destroy; I came to give life with joy and abundance.

1 Corinthians 10:13 (NASB) 13 No temptation has overtaken you but such as is common to man; and God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation will provide the way of escape also, so that you will be able to endure it.

Inspired by Abba Father and penned by Beth R Auman
Copyright Beth Auman 2014

Feel Free to copy the Scripture Art on this page and keep it to declare and decree over your own life and teach others.

I am a Child-7 I am a Child-6 I AM a Child2 I Am A child



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Mercy by Lee Gossett

MERCY by Lee Gossett


MATTHEW 5:7 Blessed are the merciful, For they will be shown mercy (NKJV).  The Message translation reads, “You’re blessed when you care. At the moment of being ‘care-full,’ you find yourselves cared for” (MSG).

 (Shouting moment … PRAISE GOD FOR MERCY)!

When you are blessed, it means you are willing to show mercy to others (especially) when they don’t deserve it. You forgive and give it to God. We didn’t deserve mercy as sinners, but God in His love for us, gives us new mercy each and every moment of the day. We all have acted and reacted out of our own ignorance; but our wonderful Father God is quick to forgive if we repent and ask His forgiveness for wrongdoing – no matter what we did, who we did it to or haven’t done.

1 TIMOTHY 1:13  … even though I used to blaspheme the name of Christ. In my insolence, I persecuted his people. But God had mercy on me because I did it in ignorance and unbelief (NLT).

I’m thankful and so very grateful for His mercy throughout my life. If I had only known the truth; I had no idea what I was doing and making the same mistakes. Dear friends, were it not for God’s mercy, I couldn’t do what I do every day by sharing the gospel with each of you on Facebook (of all places). God enables me to do what I do every day through HIS strength. So, thanking and praising God today for not only His grace, but an abundance of mercy. As Christians, we may not always agree with the choices of others, but AS CHRISTIANS, we can be merciful and always loving towards others regardless of how they choose to live their lives. Remember, we are ALL sinners saved by God’s grace and unconditional love. It is a FREE gift to all.

TITUS 3:5 He saved us, not because of the righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy. He washed away our sins, giving us a new birth and a new life through the Holy Spirit (NLT).

© Lee Gossett 2015

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Scripture of the Week by JoBeth Kested

Scripture for the week of May 15, 2016

jobeth12The Lord watches over you—the Lord is your shade at your right hand; the sun will not harm you by day, nor the moon by night. The Lord will keep you from all harm—He will watch over your life; the Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore. Psalms 121:5-8 (NIV)

Have you ever prayed and prayed, yet still wondered where the Lord is when you are facing difficult trials, feeling vulnerable and all alone? Three times in these verses it is declared that the Lord is watching over you! This type of watching is like the secret service agents; meaning He is guarding, protecting and defending which is so much more than just keeping an eye on you. These scriptures tell us the Lord stands guard over every detail of your life, protecting you from ALL harm and able to defend you in ALL your coming and going. May we find peace in the assurance of the covering shade of the Lord’s presence over us in the oppressive heat of our days and the warmth of His love in the cold darkness of our nights. Thank You, Lord for Your persevering presence with us now and forevermore.
By JoBeth Kested
© JoBeth Kested 2016


Scripture of the Week by JoBeth Kested

Scripture for the week of May 8, 2016

JoBeth96“Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.” Matthew 11:28-30 NKJV

Have you ever felt exhausted from carrying the heavy weight of discouragements, problems and fears with a longing to rest your weary soul? Sometimes it can feel like the weight of the world is all on our shoulders and there just doesn’t seem to be any relief or help to be found. In this scripture Jesus invites us to accept His yoke that initially may seem too restrictive and too hard to do. To be yoked with Jesus requires accepting our inadequacies and acknowledging our need for a Savior. As we learn His ways and experience His loving mercy with gentle kindness we discover that His yoke is easy and the burdens are lighter. We’ll find the comfort and rest we long for as we allow Him to pull our heavy loads, to carry the weight and make our paths straight. Cast your cares on Jesus today (1 Peter 5:7) and God will supply all your need according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:19).
By JoBeth Kested
© JoBeth Kested 2016


Happy Mother’s Day by Beth Auman

FramedflowerProverbs 31:24-31 (VOICE)

24 She makes linen garments and sells them in the market, and she supplies belts for tradesmen to carry across the sea.

25 Clothed in strength and dignity, with nothing to fear, she smiles when she thinks about the future.

26 She conducts her conversations with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is ever her concern.

27 She directs the activities of her household, and never does she indulge in laziness.

28 Her children rise up and bless her. Her husband, too, joins in the praise, saying:

29 “There are someindeed many—women who do well in every way, but of all of them only you are truly excellent.”

30 Charm can be deceptive and physical beauty will not last, but a woman who reveres the Eternal should be praised above all others.

31 Celebrate all she has achieved.  Let all her accomplishments publicly praise her.[a]


Please join me in the following Declaration and Decree in the Mighty Name of Jesus: (Please read this out loud in unity and let our voices rise into the heavens).

Today Lord, we rise and call our Mother’s Blessed. We give them honor and give You all praise and glory for them according to Your Word in Proverbs 31:28-31 Her children rise up and bless her. Her husband, too, joins in the praise, saying: 29 “There are someindeed many—women who do well in every way, but of all of them only you are truly excellent.” 30 Charm can be deceptive and physical beauty will not last, but a woman who reveres the Eternal should be praised above all others.

Today Lord, we align ourselves with Your Word and yield to Your leading and guiding us into our calling as Mother’s to be Proverbs 31 women. Show us Lord the work to put our hands to so that all of the creativity that You placed within each one of us comes forth for Your glory and for the prosperity of our homes and Your Kingdom. We need this work Lord and will do the work that You give us to do LORD and it will be profitable for our families according to Your Word in Proverbs 31:24 She makes linen garments and sells them in the market, and she supplies belts for tradesmen to carry across the sea.

We are clothed in strength and dignity, with nothing to fear, and we smile when we think about the future.  We bind the spirit of fear and ask forgiveness for anytime that we have walked in fear of our future and cast it to the pit of hell in Jesus name according to Your Word Proverbs 31:25 Clothed in strength and dignity, with nothing to fear, she smiles when she thinks about the future.

We decree that we conduct our conversations with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is ever our concern. Forgive us Lord for anytime we have not spoken with wisdom and taught with cruelty rather than kindness. We repent in Jesus name and ask that You order our conversations with wisdom and kindness.  We align ourselves with Your word to order our conversations with wisdom and teach with kindness according to Your Word in Proverbs 31:26 She conducts her conversations with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is ever her concern.

We decree that we direct the activities of our households and never indulge in laziness. Please Lord forgive us for anytime that we have been lazy and complacent. May Your Word be made truth in our lives, help us Lord to direct the activities of our households according to Your Word in Proverbs 31:27 She directs the activities of her household, and never does she indulge in laziness.

Father God we come together in unity this day and declare this and decree this over the lives of every Mother. We ask for the Salvation of all Mother’s that are lost. We trust You Lord, Praise You and proclaim Your name Great, True, Faithful and Holy over every Mother in Jesus Name Amen and Amen


Happy Mother’s Day and Love Beyond Measure from the Faith Testimony – Be Encouraged Team

Beth Auman, Lee Gossett,  Conny Hubbard, JoBeth Kested and Bonnie Vaughan

© Beth Auman 2016








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The Breaker Anointing By JoBeth Kested


The Breaker Anointing

By JoBeth Kested

Some years ago, within a couple of weeks, at three different times, I had people that didn’t know me personally share that I prayed with a “Breaker Anointing”. I had attended some prayer gatherings and conferences where there was the opportunity to be prayed over to receive encouraging prophetic Words from the Lord. While praying for me, one person said they saw a picture of a charging rhino with no fear that couldn’t be stopped. Another person declared seeing a picture of a huge bulldozer able to move massive boulders out of the way. And a third time, someone shared they saw prayers like cannon balls that could break through and break down thick and high walls. All three used the term “Breaker Anointing” when they prayed for me.

At that time I was fairly new to learning about strategic and spiritual warfare type prayer and had never heard anyone refer to a Breaker Anointing. Along with several other praying friends, we asked the Lord to give us understanding and to give us insight from His Word. The Lord led us to the following scripture verses showing us that He is the God of the breakthrough and He is “The Breaker Anointing”.

“The breaker goes up before them; they break out, pass through the gate and go out by it. So their king goes on before them, and the Lord at their head.”Micah 2:13 (NASV)

 “The Lord has broken through my enemies before me like the breakthrough of waters.” Therefore he (David) named that place Baal Perazim (Hebrew meaning the Lord “bursts” or breaks through). 2 Samuel 5:20b (NASV)

 For it is a day of trouble and treading down and perplexity by the Lord GOD of hosts in the Valley of Vision— breaking down the walls… Isaiah 22:5 (KJV)

 There are several things to understand that the Lord reveals about Himself in these scriptures. 1) He goes before us. He leads. He stands between us and our enemies. 2) He is like a dam that bursts forth with rushing water that cannot be stopped and washes away everything in its path. 3) In times of trouble, heaviness and confusion He can break down any walls that hold us captive. 4) He is the Lord of the hosts of heavenly armies and there is no enemy army standing against us that can stop His breakthrough on our behalf.

Then I inquired of the Lord for greater understanding on how I had learned to pray with His Breaker Anointing. Let me add that my understanding of breakthrough was mostly how a runner finishes the race and breaks through across the finish line. Yes, that is a good picture of breaking through, but The Breaker Anointing is much more than that. It requires an intimate relationship with the Lord that goes way beyond abilities in our own strength and talent.

The Lord first revealed a picture of me learning to dance with Him; allowing Him to hold me close to His heart, following His footsteps and yielding to His lead. In learning His ways and how to trust in Him completely, I could follow Him with His slightest touch. Every so often He would send me twirling away to joyfully watch me dance more boldly and powerfully. Each time, I would then quickly return to His loving embrace; yielding more and more closely to His lead. This showed me that we become stronger, bolder and more powerful in prayer the more we cling to the Lord, understanding His ways, yielding to His slightest touch, following His every footstep. Even through the battles and weariness of prevailing prayer and intercession, we need to lean closely into His loving embrace in order to clearly hear His voice, to delight in the joy of knowing His heart and praying His will in extending the purposes of His Kingdom.

Then I was reminded of how my husband and I used to love watching the winter breaking waves when we lived for a couple of years on the Big Island of Hawaii. On the Kona side, there is a beach referred to by the locals as Children’s Beach. In the summer months it is an enjoyable, safe and shallow beach, wonderful for snorkeling and surrounded by shady palm trees. But, in the winter all the beautiful white sand is washed away when great and powerful waves swell up to break upon the lava reef rocks over and over again. As each big wave breaks, the water rushes to the shore, then is swept back out into the deep to build another breaker wave. Over time the lava rocks have been made smooth by the force of the winter breaker waves. In prayer, there are seasons to enjoy being His child and to give thanks, delighting in all the beauty He has created around us. But, then there are times when we must yield to the flow and direction of His Holy Spirit to pray warring breaker prayers that are essential in His Kingdom purposes to breakthrough our enemies attacks that would destroy us and others within our spheres of influence.

It is our God’s desire for us to know Him as The Lord of the breakthrough. He wants to break down walls of captivity, to make the crooked places straight and to make the rough places smooth as we learn to pray with The Breaker Anointing against powers, principalities and wickedness in high places (Ephesians 6:12) declaring “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” (Mathew 6:10)


Lord Jesus, help us learn to cling to You, follow Your footsteps, yielding to Your every tender touch that we might know You as The Lord of the Breakthrough in our lives. And, how to hear Your voice in order to pray in agreement with Your will under “The Breaker Anointing”. Amen.


© JoBeth Kested 2014


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Scripture of the Week by JoBeth Kested

Scripture for the week of May 1, 2016

JoBeth95Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. 1 Peter 5:6-7 NIV

Have you ever had a need beyond your ability to take care of yourself and had to ask others for help? In times of sickness, financial lack, emotional crisis or overwhelming stress it is extremely humbling and difficult to acknowledge that we cannot always do everything for ourselves. We would all agree the it is far more enjoyable to provide help for someone else than facing the inadequacy of having to depend upon others to meet our needs. We may find it even more difficult to ask God to help us. When we find ourselves in situations over our head we are encouraged in this scripture to humbly look to the all powerful, extraordinary, mighty hand of God to lift us up at the appropriate, due time. Not only in our desperate times of need, we are invited to caste ALL our cares on our Father God with the assurance that He cares about EVERYTHING about us! Thank You, Lord!

By JoBeth Kested

© JoBeth Kested 2016