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Declaration For Today In Jesus Name

Declaration For Today In Jesus Name!

Adonai our Elohim says that “Wisdom is the primary thing. He says that the first and foremost point of Wisdom is the Fear of Adonai.”

**Then we can get wisdom and have understanding.

The beginning of wisdom is: get wisdom! And along with all your getting, get insight! Cherish her, and she will exalt you; embrace her, and she will bring you honor; she will give your head a garland of grace, bestow on you a crown of glory.”
Proverbs 4:7-9

**What exactly does Wisdom look like in action? How can we know? Please read and may Adonai pour out over you His Holy Spirit of Wisdom, Revelation, Counsel, Power and Knowledge and Fear of ADONAI in Jesus Name.

Job 12:13-25
“With God are wisdom and power; he has [good] counsel and understanding.

When he breaks something down, it can’t be rebuilt; when he imprisons someone, he can’t be released. When he holds back water, there is drought; when he sends it out, it overruns the land. With him are strength and common sense; both the misled and those who mislead are his. He leads counselors away captive, he makes fools of judges. He removes authority from kings, then binds them up [as prisoners]. He leads cohanim away captive and overthrows those long in power. Those who are trusted he deprives of speech, and he removes the discernment of the aged. He pours contempt on princes and loosens the belt of the strong. He discloses the deepest recesses of darkness and brings light into shadows dark as death. He makes nations great and destroys them; he enlarges nations, then leads them away. He removes understanding from a country’s leaders and makes them wander in trackless deserts. They grope in unlit darkness; he makes them stagger like drunks.

** We seek and receive Your Wisdom today and we choose to Trust in YOU ADONAI in Jesus Name. Amen

Blessings &shalom-Love Beyond Measure, Beth Auman