Excerpt from “So Loved” by Conny Hubbard

So LovedRecently I have been able to see a long time dream of mine fulfilled. For many years I collected precious words from the Lord that came during deep and intimate times in His presence. His encouraging and healing words became my main source of comfort that I re-read often. I had all these in a ring binder in page protectors but dreamed of putting them in an actual book. With the help of a wonderful publisher and copy editor my dream became a reality and my book, called SO LOVED is now available on Amazon.com and Barnesandnobles.com, as well as many other online book sites. See the link below. I want to share an excerpt from the book with you today. I can say that you will feel God’s heart beat through this book because they are His words, simply received by a broken vessel in need of much healing and comfort.


Only Believe Yes, My Love, I am speaking to you. Do you doubt it? Listen to your heart. Quiet your heart before Me and listen for that still, small voice calling out to you.  Yes, My Love, I long for a deeper relationship with you. Did I not say “Remember Me,” when I gave the Last Supper? Yes, remember Me often. Bring your wandering mind back to Me that it may bow down and be submissive. I am not a harsh taskmaster but the gentle gardener of your heart. Let Me into the garden of your heart. Let Me cultivate and care for your heart. Let Me plow up the furrows and plant My seed in the rich soil. I will build, I will sow, I will plant, and I will reap.


Only be available. Cease from your own labor and enter into My rest. Listen for the songs I sing to you. Look for the tokens of My love. I will revive your heart. I will renew and strengthen you. I will bless and guide you. Only be willing to walk humbly with Me and let Me do the work. I have made you a fruitful garden, My Love. …..Be blessed today with the awareness of the great love God has for you!!!


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