Awake by Beth Auman


May this be the day that the Light of the World who stepped out of the darkness exposes all of the dark and shadowy things that you have been trying to hide in.

May He turn them each of you into pure reflections of His Light so much that His song bubbles out of you. His song that He has placed within you that only you can sing to Him.

I say Awake you sleeper! Rise from your grace, and the Anointed One will shine on you.

In Jesus name Amen

Love Beyond Measure,

Beth Auman

The Lord would say to you today. I am coming to shine upon you in a new way. Be ready and be aware. See My Son, my Light coming into this world afresh to cast out all of the shadows that you are hiding in. Be aware that I see all things. I know all things and I will visit you who are living in the shadows so Awake. Awake you sleepers. My Light is rising upon you and you will see Me in a new way this season saith The LORD.

Inspired by Abba Father. Penned and Declared by Beth Auman