Beyond The Pain by Bonnie Vaughan

DSC03114When the seasons of our lives makes twists and turns, it leaves us to wonder how we’ll make it through. When burdens weigh heavy and it seems overwhelming, our sense of trying wants to figure out what’s happened. When situations don’t unfold as expected, causing us to question our faith beyond measure; we long for a way out. When problems continue to invade our lives, we run away in despair without any hope in sight to a place of utter confusion. When all else fails and our prayers don’t seem to get answered, we tend to hide deep within our pain. When trials bombard us we look for the door that leads to the broad path, a path of destruction and wasteland. But our only defense is in Christ, the Lover of our soul.

Many times we face things with a longing in our hearts to know the reason for their existence, yet it’s at these times our peace needs to remain; giving us assurance that God is in control and all is well. No matter the depth of the hurt, the many tears, or the lack of understanding, we can rest assure that our Redeemer lives. He never leaves us nor forsakes us, but continues to wrap His loving arms around us, holding us close to His heart.

So if you’re facing difficulties that are unpleasant at the moment, if the weight of the world is on your shoulders, if others are against you, know beyond a shadow of a doubt that His sacrifice has paved the way for your victory. He offers you the sweetness of His embrace, carrying you beyond the pain of the present, and leading you down the path of comfort.

Come to Him today and allow His kiss to touch your pain, and you will never be the same…ever.


© Bonnie S. Vaughan