Call Upon Jesus by Beth Auman

When you cry out to the LORD, He hears you and comes to your rescue.

If you could only see with your eyes what happens when we pray. Help comes immediately.

The problem is always with our ability to recieve what He sends.

When we are in trouble and cry out to the LORD. Crying out to Him implys that we Trust Him enough to know where our help comes from.

So today, Honor Him and lay your troubles at His feet and Trust Him for the answer.

Watch for the answer. Listen for the answer and receive what He sends to you. Honor Him by Praising Him for the answer and give Him all of the glory. He is Worthy of all Praise, Honor and Glory Forever and Ever.

He Loves you and He will rescue you. Lean on , trust in and rely on His Word. Praise Him for He IS Worthy!


Love You All Beyond Measure,

Beth Auman