Constraint by the Spirit by Conny H.

P1020888Recently, on my trip to Germany I saw a great sermon illustration. I, along with my sister, her son and daughter and a friend of mine, sat on a park bench at the harbor in the city of Konstanz. We had walked in the city, gotten something to eat and took our time enjoying the day coming to a close in a beautiful place. As I took in the sights and sounds – piano music playing nearby, people strolling by, sailboats rocking gently in the evening breeze, I looked up and saw a tree, close to the bench where we sat. What a curious sight! Each branch had a stake tied to it which forced them to grow out vertically. There were other trees lining the promenade with their branches reaching out sideways. These trees were older and it was obvious that they had adopted that particular shape because of the constraints that were on them previously.
I also saw a dove sitting in that tree. Immediately, I sensed the Holy Spirit showing me this lesson. Just as the tree was being constrained, if we accept the work of the Spirit in our lives, we are being constrained by Him who determines our direction and our growth. He is the designer. He lovingly shapes and molds us according to His design and image.
A picture is truly worth more than many words. Just look at it and listen. Are you accepting the constraints God has put in your life? Trust Him for the outcome, for He is surely in your midst, working our His perfect plan.

© Conny Hubbard 2014

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