Finally, All of You by Beth Auman

What is going on today has affected all of us and afflicted many. What we are seeing is biting, clawing and opinions with no compassion whatsoever. Which according to 1 Pster 3:9 being void of compassion, evil and insulting cancels our blessings from Adonai our Elohim.
So, the next time that you think so highly about your opinion that you lash out to another who does not share your opinion, be aware that Adonai our Elohim is watching and may very well not extend His hand of blessing to you.
This is serious and this Scripture say so much. Please, read it out loud to yourself and come before Adonai our Elohim in Jesus name and ask Him to search your heart. If  you have done any of these things then repent and ask His forgiveness. Ask the forgiveness of all those to whom you have been void of compassion. This is not who we are supposed to be. Then perhaps Adonai our Elohim will restore His blessing and those who are sick will be healed. Perhaps those who need to be caught because they are doing wrong will be apprehended by the Holy Spirit and have a chance to repent and receive Jesus as the Lord of their life.
We are to be living water as Jesus IS.

Ponder this Scripture in your heart, what type of water is pouring out of you? I challenge you to examine yourself in the light and image of John 7:38 and 1 Peter 3:8-12.

“Whoever wants to love life and see good days
must keep his tongue from evil and his lips from speaking deceit,
11 turn from evil and do good,
seek peace and chase after it.
12 For Adonai keeps his eyes on the righteous,
and his ears are open to their prayers;
but the face of Adonai is against
those who do evil things.”[a]

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