Garland of Grace by Beth Auman

Recently the Lord showed me something precious in a vision. He called it the Divine Exchange. I have been pondering this since that time and He has been leading me and guiding me through His Word.

Here is the vision:  He showed me a circle of huge stones, each cut perfectly, exactly the same, perfect and the same in every way. In the middle a great fire.

On the outer rim men and women riding on horses and camels around and around the circle.

At one time or another they all had gold crowns on and as they rode around the fire they would offer their crown into the fire. Then ride on around the circle of fire for a while with no crown. Then as they rode, a new crown of gold was placed on their head.

I prayed – Oh Lord, this divine exchange, I know that You are the Consuming Fire. Please interpret this for me fully in Jesus name.

As The Lord has led me though the interpretation and revelation of this vision, I am fully seeing now the Divine Exchange.  I have fully submitted myself to the Lord, received Jesus as my Lord and crowned Him Lord over my life.

Through Jesus, we have access to the Throne of God. The veil has been rent and we have access to Abba, to talk to Him, Pray and Seek His Face and He aligns and assigns us. As we ride out our assignments, He is right there with us and we are communicating back and forth. He is leading and guiding us into all Truth (Jesus).

The Revelation of His Divine Exchange was deeper though for me. He was showing me that as we travel with Him through Prayer and Intercession, how when He answers our prayer He places a crown of grace upon our heads and we offer that crown back to Him. There are many crowns and many opportunities to be crowned and lay our crowns at His feet.

Then for a while it seemed that some of the riders had no crown and He revealed that this is the time of prayer and intercession. The time that we are watching over that which He has assigned to us or waiting on a new assignment. Staying close to the fire when there was no crown on our head is vital. As we pray, intercede and watch over that which He has assigned us His Word, declaration and decrees were given over each situation. Each rider followed Him and the precision was masterful – of course because the Master Creator of the Universe orchestrated.

I pondered that only the yielded and fully trained were within this circle.

The circle was far more vast than I would have ever imagined. The horses and camels represented different types of gift sets. Both vehicles and I’m still waiting on the fullness of this revelation from the Lord.

Of this, I am sure:  Being called as a Prophetic Seer and Watchman – when we receive our assignments from the Lord we have to watch over, pray and intercede as He directs. We must yield unto Him and never try to hold on to a crown of victory. We must wait until He deems the time of fullness, when He deems the time of Victory we are given a crown and we must choose to lay that crown at His feet.

I did not see anyone leave the circle. Each rider carried out His assignment with a fully yielded heart.

Many times we cry out to the Lord, where are You Lord, what do you have for me to do? This is the time to seek Wisdom with all of our hearts. Draw close to the Lord and get understanding. Prize Wisdom, hold onto her and draw near and more near to the Lord Jesus. He is our Victory and there is plenty to do.

Remember what Jesus said in Luke 10:2  “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore beseech the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.

Lord, today we come before You and ask for Wisdom and Understanding in Jesus name. We humble ourselves and step into the fullness of Your Revelation of the Divine Exchange. Abba, we pray as Jesus instructed us to and beseech You for laborers into Your Harvest. Lead us and guide us Lord and we yield to Your will and Your way. May we see and know You today in a brand new way and partake of Your Divine Exchange in Jesus name Amen


Love you all Beyond Measure.

Beth Auman

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