Give Adonai All Praise Honor and Glory – by Beth Auman

Adonai, This day and everyday, I choose to honor, praise and give YOU all of the glory.

I have seen so much on the internet lately and my heart cries out to Adonai!

Change your focus today and look at this situation through the eyes of Adonai our Elohim – The Creator of the Universe!

There was a great threat to this World. It was not a war with guns and blood and yet there has been a war. What was the response? Everyone wants their say. Have we learned nothing?

During this time many have cried out to Adonai on our faces, on our knees, with our hearts and our hands raised to Him because we are His and we trust in Him alone.

Do not think for one moment that there is not time for you to align and unite each of us.

The death toll is lower because He performed His Word! We cried out and He heard us. He took what the devil meant for our harm and He turned it for our Good because He is GOOD! Give Him all Glory, Honor and Praise!

We have had an opportunity to be the church rather than go to church. Many churches have had more people join their web casts than will ever step a foot in their building, because they are seeking His face, not yours. Not your set up or your lights and show. They are seeking His face and heard something in the worship that drew them by His Holy Spirit to Him. Give Adonai the Praise, Worship and Honor due His name!

We have had an opportunity to draw close to Adonai, sit at His feet alone and with our families. He is preparing us during this season, as He prepared those in the wilderness after Passing over out of Egypt. Are you one who has murmured and complained or are you one who has sought His Face like Moses? Do you want to sit in His fire or stay outside and continue to worship the golden calf that you have been worshiping?

We are standing in the time that Adonai saw fit for us to live. We are to rule, reign, take dominion and subdue. We are of a Kingdom that never ends. We are people of eternity. He has given us the ability to apply the blood of Jesus Christ and use His name. Read your Bible.

Have you applied the blood of Jesus over each enemy as they have arisen? Have you denied the this and every virus the right to exist in you, in your home, in your community, in your state, in your Nation? Do you trust that Adonai can do this through the blood of Jesus Christ His SON?

If so then why are you spilling venomous literature all over the internet and spreading fear? The only statistic that we should be concerned with is that Jesus Christ is LORD and that our GOD will save us!

Asking Him before we do anything including posting is vital and the words,”I’m sharing my truth” are some of the most dangerous in this world. There is only One Truth and that is the WORD of GOD JESUS CHRIST. He is the way, the truth and the Life (John 14:6).

Adonai has performed a miracle before our very eyes and people still refuse to see it. Three million people were supposed to die from this virus. Adonai heard our cry and He said no!

There have been deaths and many sick and for each one, we are supposed to mourn with them. Not put stickers on our facebook pages that say this many died from this and that many died from that. We are to have compassion and pray for all.

Many lives have been spared, is yours one of them? If so, we rejoice with you and give Adonai the Praise, Honor and Glory becasue He is good.

Adonai has done a miracle in our midst. Give Him all praise, honor and glory because only by His hand are we saved. This means that He has a purpose for your life. Ask Him today what that purpose is, repent for not asking Him sooner and seek Him first daily from this day forward. Do what He instructs you to do and join His array of warriors who are standing in the gap for you. Now stand in the gap for others.

Many churches that only have 50 to 100 come to their building now have 5,000 watching online. We have had people pray together all over the World by the thousands.

We have had opportunities to connect that would have never been and now we are unified and aligned.

Give Adonai all praise, honor and glory because He has taken something that was meant for our harm and turned it for our GOOD!

I declare and decree to you today that America will recover, all will be restored and we will prosper! We will fulfill the destiny that He has for us to go into all of the world and preach the gospel to every creature. In Jesus Name.

Those that do not give Him Honor, Glory and Praise will not recover all.

What do you choose? Who do you serve? Check your heart before we have the ability to walk out our doors because there is still time to repent and meet Adonai face to face. Jesus is not in the building that we worship Him in, He is in our hearts. We carry Him with us wherever we go. When we gather in His name on the web or in our churches, He is there.

Personally, I give Adonai all praise, honor and glory. I Bless His holy Name and I declare He is my everything.

Jesus is LORD and He is coming back, are you watching for Him? Telling the World about Him? Check your heart.

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