God’s Timing by Bobi Naukam

Encouraging Words welcomes Guest Author Bobi Naukam. We trust the Lord that Bobi’s submission will Encourage and Bless you today.

God’s Timing

By Bobi Naukam, April, 2017

Do not be discouraged because the wait is long.  My timing is critical, and you do not understand My timing.  While you are waiting, I am teaching you valuable lessons, lessons you must learn to be able to move forward.  I have called you.  Never doubt that.  And I have given you a glimpse of what that entails.  But you cannot, must not, rush into what I have for you to do.  Stay focused on Me.  Do not allow distractions of the battle to take your eyes off Me.  You do not have to fight so hard.  The battle is Mine.  I need you, but you must find My way, or you will be destroyed.

Your enemy is a master at distractions.  And he is angry.  He has fought Me from the beginning.  He still believes he can win the final battle.  This deceiver has completely deceived himself.  For a short time, he doubted he could win.  But his doubts have disappeared, and he has re-entered the battle with renewed energy.  You have sensed that the battle has intensified.  You are correct.  The enemy is focused on destroying you, every believer who is following Me and engaged in the battle.  This is an all or nothing fight, and the enemy is certain he will win.

I have always been all in, and My all in is so much greater than his. My angelic forces are fighting for you.  I am with you.  I AM everything you need to win.  Relax and allow Me to lead and do the fighting through you.  The battle belongs to the Lord!  Stop striving.  Listen to My voice.  Obey immediately.  Do not overthink what I am doing.  I do know what I am doing.  It may not seem logical to you, but it doesn’t have to.  Stop trying to figure out My plan.  I do have a plan, and it is good.  Trust Me.  Stay faithful to Me and Me alone.  As you focus on Me, the battle becomes easier even as the fight intensifies.  I defy logic.  Rest and allow Me to do the work.  Remember, the enemy is defeated already.  He just doesn’t believe it.  It does not matter what he believes.  I am Truth.  I have won the battle and the war – in My timing.

Ah yes, timing.  You cannot rush My timing in anything.  You can, however, slow My timing by trying to accomplish My will on your own terms, in your way, and in your timing.  My timing is perfect.  I see the beginning from the end.  I see the whole picture.  I know what is best for you.  If you try to fight without Me, you will be slaughtered.  I am strengthening your foundation and making it broader and firmer to enable you to stand and withstand the attacks of the enemy.  You cannot rush what I am doing.  Your preparation is key to progress.  Remember, your battle is being fought in the spirit realm. You just happen to be living on Earth.

The people in your life are not the enemy.  Most do not comprehend the battle raging in their souls.  You represent Light to them, often unknown to them.  Look at them with My Love and through My eyes.  They are not your enemies.  They are being used by Satan and his demons as weapons in this war.

The demonic forces are feeling pressure and sense they are losing but dare not admit it.  They will follow their leader until the end of time.  Then they will follow their leader into hell.  Satan is the master deceiver, especially to his followers.  They willingly obey every thought he articulates.  He is convincing.  You must not be deceived even slightly.  You must operate in faith and in My Love.  I do not wish even one be lost to his deception.  Pray for the harvest that it will include even My enemies.  They are worth saving.  Love them, but do not be deceived.  Do not give our enemy even a small opening that would allow him to infect you.  Pure Love casts out all evil.  But be firm in your love.  Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.

Some “friends” are not.  Be wise and ask Me to show you those who are not good for you and are plotting against you in the name of friendship.  Hear My voice.  Trust the nudging of My Spirit.  The enemy and his forces of evil desire to destroy you.  I am greater than all he can throw at you.  You must stay under My wings of protection by trusting Me and resting in Me.  Let no evil come out of your mouth – at all.  Let your eyes look at nothing ungodly.  Let your focus be on Me and Me alone.

The battle has intensified, and it will get even worse.  When an animal is cornered and fears for its life, it does not give up.  It strikes out fiercely.  Your enemy is not giving up.  You must persevere also.  As you trust Me more and rest in Me completely, I restore you daily; and the battle becomes easier because you are allowing Me to do the fighting.

Can you trust Me?  I need more of you, so you fight less and win more.  Can you trust My timing and wait for it?  See waiting, even when I seem silent, as a powerful tool to prepare you for the next battle.  Do not be discouraged while waiting.  Use that time wisely.  Instead of complaining and begging Me to do something, embrace My training in waiting.  If you look and listen, you will discover gems of wisdom waiting for you in the waiting.  I never waste a moment of time.  Do not waste the waiting I have designed for you.  Embrace it.

Abba Father, thank You that You teach us while we wait.  Waiting goes against our nature, so please continue to teach us to wait well.  Help us to focus on You only as we listen for Your voice.  Train us to surrender to Your will and obey immediately.  Increase our faith and trust in You.  Thank You that You hear our prayers and answer.  In Jesus’ Name, amen.