Hardships by Bonnie S. Vaughan

Be Encouraged in the Lord welcomes Guest Author Bonnie S. Vaughan. We trust the Lord that Bonnie’s submission will Encourage and Bless you today.


Hardships can come in many forms and fashions, and we can find ourselves wondering what is going on. But amidst it all, God is working all things out for our good. “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” (Romans 8:28 NKJV)

At times, our lives may take twists and turns leaving us to lean more and more into the One who knows our frame. Not that we understand it all, but it’s in the unknown that faith is made alive, and we continue to trust even though we don’t have all the answers.

Our focus tends to lean inward and outward causing us to search for reasons as to why the outcome is not as expected. It’s in these times we need to realize and look into the face of the One who holds us close to His heart, and will only allow us to go through what His hand has not permitted. He is faithful and will not lead us astray, but will continue to lead us by His Spirit onto the path that leads to righteousness.

Having had two siblings in less than a year and a half go home to be with the Lord, and yet another one at heaven’s door, can cause questions to arise, wondering if God’s Word is truly what He says it is. It’s not a matter of a lack of faith, or a sense of not knowing in whom you believe, but learning from past experiences of His steadfast love that will carry us through no matter what we encounter or come up against.

His faithfulness is forever etched into our hearts, and we can rest assure even with questions at hand, that He will be our all consuming shelter, friend, companion, and comforter, as long as we continue to allow Him to be the entrance into our every situation and trust Him completely.

It’s okay to have questions not answered; it’s okay to wonder at times where God is; it’s okay to ask Him, “God where are you?” For He is big enough to handle the most difficult questions we embrace, and is more than able to supply our needs even if the answers we desire do not surface.

So let me encourage you to hold tightly to His unchanging hand, and never allow anything to keep you from His presence; the place of sweet rest and peace.


© Bonnie S. Vaughan