He Sees Your Tears by Bonnie Vaughan

fp042108-13Be Encouraged welcomes Guest Author Bonnie S. Vaughan. We trust the Lord that Bonnie’s submission will Encourage and Bless you today.

When troubles assail us we sometimes wonder what God is doing, or if He even cares, but amidst our hardships we can rest assure that He will carry us along life’s journey arm in arm with Him.

Life is truly a journey, and when we travel the paved or gravel roads, we imagine what life may have to offer on the other side. But keep in mind, the grass is not always greener over there, it may actually need more attention and care; more roots pulled up and more dirt removed. It can be some of the roughest, toughest places that we find ourselves wanting answers that will satisfy the arm of the flesh, instead of the fruit of the Spirit. It’s in those moments of desperation that we long to receive the “so needed” response that our hearts cry for.

Let’s take a look at Abraham and Sarai in Genesis 12, where God promised Abraham that He would make him a great nation, make his name great, and he would be a blessing. He would bless those who blessed Abraham, and curse those who cursed him, and in him all the families of the earth would be blessed. Abraham obeyed the Lord to get out of his country, away from his family, and from his father’s house, and was willing to go to a land that the Lord would show him, but in the process, Abraham went into Egypt, and made known that Sarai was his sister and not his wife. This caused God to bring plagues upon Pharaoh and his household. A scenario, that although our hearts yearn to do what’s right, we sometimes do what’s wrong, and in the process realize that God is still watching out for us because of His promises and great love for us. Not that sin is tolerated, but the Father’s love is greater than our sin.

When we are willing to give all, and pursue His will for our lives, He has promised to take care of us. Even though the battles, at times are overwhelming and seems to bombard us in great quantity, we need to always remember to run to the source of the One who has our answers…His presence. As we acknowledge Him in every arena of our lives, it is a factor of trust that the Father’s sees our efforts in Him. A necessary moment in time that reflects our love for Him, and in turn, His love pours out in response to our needs. So never question His love or provision for you, for He will not allow Himself to withdraw from you, His beloved.

Come to Him today with whatever needs you have, and let Him take you to the place where all is well in Him. The place that gives you assurance and hope that no matter where you’re at, or what you’re facing in life, He is the avenue you need to encounter in order to embrace the answers you not only desire, but need. He sees your tears, and longs to be your everything, and in turn, you will lack nothing.

© Bonnie Vaughan