Jesus Said – Do Not Judge – By Beth Auman

Judge NotWe all have moments in our lives where this scripture comes alive and Revelation is poured forth.  We also have moments when we become aware of others sin nature coming out. Being an eyewitness to a crime against someone, a verbal assault, theft, crudeness or cruel behavior.  Whatever the atrocity is, Jesus said not to judge. We are not the judge and we are not to judge.  The penalty is huge. If we choose to judge – the measure that we judge another will surely be the measure that we will be judged by.  This is serious – our very nature is to judge – to call others on their bad behavior. We must always remember that God’s ways are higher than ours (Isa 55:8-9)and as we submit to Him – everything, every single time – resist the devil and he will flee from us. James 4:7 The Voice (VOICE) So submit yourselves to the one true God and fight against the devil and his schemes. If you do, he will run away in failure.

I’ve been on my journey with the LORD for a long time now and He is continually teaching me how to submit myself unto Him in every situation, resist the devil ( the one who wants me to use my mouth as an accuser of my brothers and sisters, to judge them and scheme against them), and watch him run away in failure.  I am His student and learn from Him everyday.

Recently, I had two such events happen in my own life. One, in which I was present when someone used their sinful nature to steal and one where someone used their sinful nature to proclaim that because I did not agree with him – I was not a Christian. In both cases I had the opportunity to judge – very harshly, I might add.  I very quickly in both situations submitted myself to the LORD (Jesus Christ – my LORD – my Savior, I proclaim this to the entire world every single day) and resisted the desire that I had to use both my verbal and written communication skills to judge, scold, bring down the house if you will, have the last word and take the greatest stand of my life. However, I know because Jesus has been taking His time to teach me about this scripture in James 4:7, to keep my mouth shut in one situation and to ask and offer forgiveness very quickly in both situations.  I have resisted the devil and I’m watching him flee from me. I will not be the judge of these people – Jesus Christ will.

My reason for so candidly sharing this with you is this: When Jesus takes His time to bring forth revelation, there is always a test and when we pass the test – then and then only does the revelation become a powerful tool, a weapon of our war against the enemy.  I know 100% that I passed this test because the One who loves me with His unchanging and never ending Love, the One who is LOVE took the time to enlighten me and His desire is for me to share this with each of you.

Yesterday, I had the amazing opportunity to webcast Marty Cassady’s teaching at Glory of Zion – She taught on Bitter Root Judgment and the LORD has been taking His time to teach her this too.  It is a wonderful teaching and if you have time – just check out this link for the Triumphant Faith Institute –

On your journey with the Lord, learning to submit everything to Him and not judge are such a keys. Don’t allow the devil to get you all bound up in judgment. When you do as Marty so beautiful said – then you give him the gavel and you give him your power. You open up a portion of sewing and reaping that is not good because the measure that you have judge will be the measure that you will be judged by. You forgo the forgiveness of the LORD.  If you’ve done this – repent. Ask the Lord to cleanse you and bring to your memory every person that you have judged and forgive, apply the blood of Jesus Christ over yourself and move forward, submitting yourself unto the LORD in every situation.

Friends, don’t ever judge another’s Salvation, their relationship with the Lord is not your concern. It’s not your place. Each one of us is where we are on our journey with the Lord. You will not know who makes it to heaven until you get there. If you stand in judgment of others Salvation is a great measure of judgment and bares a great measure of judgment back upon you.

We are to love one another as brothers and sisters in Christ and guess what – no one is perfect. We are to forgive and be peace makers and learn how to defeat the devil – the LORD’s way.  The devil is the enemy – not people. The only spiritual battle that will ever be won is the one that is submitted to the LORD first, resisting the devil – so that he will flee from you. In other words – when you duck – Jesus gets the opportunity to knock out the enemy for you. If you stand in judgment then you are standing in Jesus place.

 21 Death and life are in the [Proverbs 18:21&version=NASB#fen-NASB-16923a">a]power of the tongue, And those who love it will eat its fruit.  Proverbs 18:21 New American Standard Bible (NASB)

What does your life’s fruit taste like?

May the LORD Bless each of you who have taken the time to read this message today.  I pray that His Wisdom and Revelation will be yours in Jesus name. Amen