Make Room in Your Heart by Conny Hubbard

Heart01It can get cluttered in there. You know what I mean. Cares, burdens, worries and all kinds of things can crowd Jesus out. Even good things can take up residence there. Things we’re proud of – accomplishments, goals and dreams, as well as gifts and even working for God can take up space that should only belong to Him.

My husband and I have a spare bedroom in our house. It’s a guest room but when we don’t have guests all kinds of things end up in there. If I need to tidy up the house and I don’t know where to put a certain pile it goes into that room. Then when guests come it takes me usually a couple of days to empty it of all the extra things and make it ready for them. After all, they need room for their stuff, too!

Over the years the Lord has led me at certain times in my life to hand all that stuff of life over to Him, to give it to Him, to release it so that I no longer carry it and no longer hold onto it. When I first became a follower of Jesus and He’d ask me to give Him my things or people that I cared for deeply, I was sure that it meant I would lose whatever I gave Him. I had such a distorted image of my heavenly Father. Thankfully, I have learned that just the opposite is true. When I release something precious to His care, it’s safe there, it’s kept and it can’t be corrupted.

When I worshiped Him earlier today I felt this drawing by the Spirit again to release everything to Him.

I looked over this past year

and gave Him all my pain and all my fear.

I gave Him all my yesterdays and all of my tomorrow.

I gave Him all the sins, the pain and all the sorrow,

I gave Him all the joys and blessings, too.

I gave Him all that I’d been through.

Back to Him who is faithful and true.

To Him who holds all things in His loving care,

I can safely leave them there.

I feel like I’ve just uncluttered and emptied that room in my heart and made more room for Jesus. Every Christmas I just want to give Him what brings Him the most pleasure and joy. There is not a thing I can give Him. But I can give Him my heart, uncluttered and prepared, ready to receive more of Him. Just as I want my guests to feel welcome in my house, I want Him to feel welcome in my heart. How about you?


©Conny Hubbard 12/14/15