Offer Only in His Presence by Beth Auman

InHISPresenceWe are instructed to gather around the Presence of Adonai- not a man’s sermon. From the beginning Adonai’s  chosen people offered what they had to give to Him in His Presence. They sought after His presence. The chosen ones followed after His Presence and knew not to offer Pagan worship to idols who have eyes but do not see, ears but do not hear. (Psalm 115:5)

If you consider yourself to be The LORD’S, then you are to follow after His Presence.  One moment in the presence of the LORD is life changing. If your life is not being changed and you are not moving from glory to glory then ask Him where and how to enter into His Presence and where you should fellowship with other people and be aligned with them.

Wholeness is found in the presence of the LORD, which includes Love, Peace, Healing, Joy, Grace, Truth, and Mercy. In His presence we find the Power of the LORD to change any situation. When we enter into His Presence we yield and repent. In John 8:11 The woman caught in adultery was in the Presence of the LORD and her sin was on display. Jesus Himself told her that He did not condemn her and told her to go and sin no more. That is true repentance in the Presence of the Lord. First, to remember that He is always there. Second, he sees everything that we do. However, when we worship Him in His presence and He shines His Light on our sin, no darkness can exist.  The truth about repentance is that when the Presence of the LORD delivers you from sin – you go and sin no more.  The sin stops – the urge to sin stops and we don’t enter back into sin and then run to the altar again and again for the same sin. We fool ourselves if we think that we can to listen to a man’s charismatic words yet leave the church and sin again. In the Presence of the LORD the bridge to sin has been burned and those paths are closed, we submit ourselves to Jesus Christ our LORD and move forward. Never turning back.

If this is not your reality, your place of worship is defiled. If you are caught in a sin cycle and not breaking free, you need to find the true Presence of the LORD and be delivered and go and sin no more. Never surround yourself with people who are comfortable with your sin – who simply accept you in your sin – they are dangerous. You can be delivered and you must remember that sin is sin, it is dirty and defiled and you will never fulfill the destiny that God created you to fulfill while you are in sin.  The same applies to me. Remember this: You can always recognize a religious spirit – they are joyless, they are mournful, beware of them.  God wants us to rejoice. He created us to Praise Him – loudly – praise Him with your entire being. If you are in a place that is not joyful – then run. Proverbs 17:22 (NASB)22 A joyful heart [a]is good medicine, But a broken spirit dries up the bones.

Everything that we need is found only in His presence. No man, no friend, no place provides wholeness. He makes Himself available to you through His Holy Spirit by the name and blood of His Son, Jesus. He is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The Father of Jesus Christ – the Only Way, Truth and Life.  If you are following anything but the True Presence of the LORD – then you must stop and find His presence.

The truth is that we give our offerings because He gave. Not to get more. He has provision for each of us and we will all reap what we sew. However, when we seek His presence, we find Him and we have to give, oh we have to give because He has been so good to us. Our hearts are open and we worship the One, True, Holy God who has given His best and we offer our best because He gave first.

Adonai only made one way for us to enter into His presence. Only through Jesus Christ, there is no other way. Through the blood of Jesus we can repent, turn from our sinfulness and enter into the Presence of the LORD. Any other way is false and there is nothing holy in it. If you think that you know something more – then you are saying to God that His way was not good enough for you. Please don’t say that. Ask The LORD Jesus into your heart today and lay the false down.

Will you pray this with me?  LORD, I come before You today and ask that You lead me and guide me into all truth. My desire is to worship You in Your Presence. Lead me into Your Presence.  I yield myself to You today. May I bring my worship as a pure offering unto You and find the wholeness that can only be found in You.  Lead me and guide me by Your Holy Spirit to the place and the people that You would have me worship in Your Presence with.  I will worship You alone with my whole heart. You are so worthy. My heart belongs to YOU LORD. In Jesus Name Amen

Thank you for reading my offering unto the LORD.  Be Encouraged and Be Blessed in Jesus name Amen

 ©Beth Auman, February, 2015