Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

Spring flowerOh Abba – I come today and declare and decree Your Word over Israel and Jerusalem – I pray for the Shalom of Jerusalem and I stand with Israel and understand Your decree for all of those who have turned against you..

Please LORD – open the eyes of all of those who have voted against Israel today – those who consider themselves to be Christians and are not.

Abba – Awaken them so that they may indeed partake of the Rich Root of the Olive Tree Jesus – do whatever is necessary– and make them understand that there will be no peace for those who stand against Israel will not have peace.

We all have a choice people – and we are to LOVE what GOD Himself LOVE’s and hate what GOD Himself hates..

We don’t get a vote – Church is not democratic and you must choose to align with what He says – not what your deceived committee wants you to align with.

Psalm 122:6-8 The Voice (VOICE) 6 Ask heaven to grant peace to Jerusalem: “May those who love you prosper.   7 O Jerusalem, may His peace fill this entire city!   May this citadel be quiet and at ease!”
8 It’s because of people—my family, friends, and acquaintances— that I say, “May peace permeate you.”

In Jesus Name I ask heaven to grant peace to Jerusalem.

Beth Auman – Shalom – 365

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