Ransomed Grace by Lee Gossett

Meet Lee Gossett

LeeLee’s been called authentic, compassionate, warm, and welcoming. More importantly, she’s known as a fierce follower of Jesus Christ. Using her own story, she encourages others to live out God’s calling placed on their lives and shares the message of grace with Divine humility and love.

Raised in impoverished conditions, Lee pursued a less than “perfect” life repeatedly making mistakes and poor choices with devastating consequences. At the age of 42, Lee heard a life changing message of grace and God’s abundant love for her. Now, with a transformed heart and a fresh perspective about life, she teaches others to live their faith, to find purpose – to matter!

Lee’s mission is to share the authentic truth about God’s love and the gospel of grace to women everywhere. Her passionate love for Jesus Christ inspires people to pursue a real relationship with God for an extraordinary life.

RG1What Is Ransomed Grace?

Ransomed Grace is a movement to share God’s love and the gospel of grace through an understanding of the price His beloved Son, Jesus, paid as ransom for all our sins.

“For even the son of man came not to be served but to serve others and to give His life as a ransom for many.” (Mark 10:45 NLT)

Lee’s unparalleled passion for speaking truth to others and sharing stories of pressing through life’s ups and downs prepares women around the world to live a life of significance based on God’s Word. What you believe transforms your heart!

RG2My Beliefs

I stand firm in my Christian beliefs based on the inerrant, inspired Word of God. I believe in one God existing eternally in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

God’s Word IS The Bible. I believe the Bible is the irrefutable truth from God PERIOD.

  • God’s Son IS Jesus Christ. I believe God’s son, Jesus Christ, was born into this world as a baby. I believe he lived, suffered, and died a sinless life. He was crucified, buried, and rose physically from the dead according to Scripture.
  • Salvation IS a gift from God. I believe Christ was crucified on the Cross for all my sins – past, present, and future. His forgiveness is a beautiful gift from our loving Savior for anyone.
  • God’s presence in me IS the Holy Spirit. I believe when I accepted Jesus Christ as life, the Holy Spirit now lives eternally in my heart. I am never without the presence of God in my life .
  • Heaven IS Eternity. I believe there is a real place called Heaven. When I take my last breath, I will be in the presence of my Father God in Heaven.
  • The New Covenant IS grace. I believe the new covenant is the gospel of grace which is the person Jesus Christ.

What Do You Believe?

God sees you through His perfect lens of grace. His love remains constant based on who He is and not what we do. Even in the midst of failures and shortcomings, nothing can EVER separate you from the love of God. God’s unconditional love for you is grace!

I’ve known Lee for over 30 years. She has the unique gift to touch the lives of everyone she meets in an unforgettable way by how she exemplifies the love of Christ for others in her daily walk of faith.”

 Lee’s Speaking Topics

In addition to individualized counseling, contact Lee to book the topics listed below.

  • Life is Messy! God is not afraid of messy. When life comes at you hard and fast without warning, how to press in and remain strong.
  • Sheep on the Right! Goats on the Left! How God refines and redeems through relationships.
  • God is in Your Story! How God uses the consequences of choices to draw us near to Him.
  • Happily Ever After Starts Now! For wives experiencing “Buyer’s Remorse” after you say … “I do!” Equipping you to love God MORE!
  • The Greatest Gift. Discover what God says about you as His beloved child and forgiveness.
  • The Lens of Grace. Acceptance of our right standing in God’s eyes through the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • For the Love of Christ! Understanding God’s unconditional love when we’re not so lovable.

RG3What You Believe Is Everything!

Whatever you believe, the truth is that God is key to living a life free of condemnation and guilt. Throughout life, I believed wrongly which caused me to live wrongly. I believed I could never be good enough in God’s eyes. When you know the truth, you will believe right and you will want to live life differently.

“I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing” (John 15:5 NKJV).

Once you know how much God truly loves you and His ultimate sacrifice at the cross, your heart will be inwardly transformed. Believing this truth will change your life and impact the lives of everyone nearest to you. None of us deserves God’s forgiveness and grace, but God gives it to us freely. May the spirit of truth start your journey to freedom and victorious living today.

Thank You

We’re excited you want Lee to be a part of your next training event, conference or women’s retreat. She is also available to book single events such as a breakfast, luncheon or tea.

Many of her sessions lend themselves to specialized events such as a keynote address or multiple sessions for conferences. Lee is a credentialed Christian Counselor with over 25 years training service excellence initiatives.

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You may contact Lee Gossett at:  mlgossett14@gmail.com