Reflection by Beth R Auman

ReflectionsMany times in our lives there are things that hide in the shadows, dark and hidden things that we are afraid to see. Places that we have made tombstones rather than stepping stones.

I pray that today you will Awake and may the LORD Jesus Christ shine on you. May you become a beautiful reflection of God’s glory to be seen by all and may those who see His light shine through you – Awake  and run into the LORD’s light.

Don’t be afraid of those things.  We all need that so much when we feel powerless.  He is there for you today – He Loves you with His Unchanging, Everlasting, Limitless LOVE – Allow Him shine on you today.

I pray God’s great abundant blessing over each of you today. May He pour out His abundant radiant light on all of your shadows, purely reflect all that you need to see clearly, dispelling all darkness so that you can Awake and move forward.

May you see the almond trees budding this season and know that the harvest is ripe. Step into His harvest and don’t be afraid to look at those who are not radiant and tell them to Wake Up – receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and allow Him to shine – shine – shine.  Be Encouraged. Be Radiant.

Love Beyond Measure.