Spring Is In the Air by Bonnie S. Vaughan

spring-1531122Spring is in the air, and it gives off a ray of sunshine that warms the heart with life. A sense in knowing, that spring brings new buds as well as an unfolding of new life. A joy that radiates from within and shines without; a cause to step back and realize the beauty it possesses, and the glory it illuminates.

A perspective in motion that continues throughout the duration of time, where things once dead now becomes the newness of what it was created to be. With such a lovely fragrance and aroma, it leaves us with the embrace of the Father’s touch, the hope of life, and the awe of what we behold foreshadows what is to come.

As spring comes alive, let us always remember the importance of what it has to offer. A place in history that will never be doubled again, a flower that will never be duplicated again, and a wonder that remains forever embedded in our hearts.

Let this be an opportunity to run into the arms of the One who gives new life, new joy, and new beauty to your existence. For we who were once dead in our sins have now arisen with power, a power that gives us reason to smile again, a passion to live again, and hope to face life without regret. It’s a time to push back the gloom of yesterday, and allow His Spirit to breathe springtime into your very soul. For He who breathes life, sustains life.

Father, let Your breath breathe upon everyone who needs life to spring forth in their soul. Give them the assurance of hope that does not fade, and joy that remains forever. Cause a newness to arise, giving meaning and purpose to every step they walk and everyone they touch. Never allow their feet to stumble, but may they “always” be led by Your Spirit to follow the path You’ve ordained; a path that springs forth life, and life abundantly. In Jesus Name…Amen!


© Bonnie S. Vaughan