Testify by Beth Auman

The testimony of Jesus Christ is the Spirit of prophecy and they loved not their lives unto the death. Revelation 19:10

While in intercession one day I began asking the Lord very specific questions. How can my testimony help others, Lord? Please show me Your strategic plan. My heart cried out to Abba. From a very painful place. From that place He taught me a weapon of warfare and Victory.
Our Testimonies are doors for others to walk through and obtain their Victory.
Testimonies are like fire. Fire that burns away the chaff and perfectly allows The Lord to bring Victory through the blood of Jesus and The Holy Spirit.
In The Book of Revelation Jesus says many times “to he who overcomes, I will give.”  One who overcomes has the Testimony that “I have been delivered by the blood of the lamb, out of the hand of the enemy. “.  When you Passover to the other side. When you win through the blood of Jesus, He anoints you and mantles you with an Overcomer’s Testimony. A unique ability to reach into this lost and dying world and grab another by the hand, pull them out of the fire that they are walking through and, intercede, watch over, prophecy into snd speak Shalom to that storm raging against them.
This is my own Testimony and the Lord gave me a vision of me grabbing the hand of a person that was burning in fire  and carting their almost dead body to the throne of God. Laying them down at the feet of Jesus and receiving
Everything necessary for them to overcome.
Each person’s Overcoming a Testimony is unique unto them. However, everyone goes through the same door to obtain their Testimony, Jesus (He is the door).  Everyone who obtains an Overcomer’s Testimony is brought to the throne of God by someone who has already overcome.
Never underestimate the Power of your Testimony. Never negate an opportunity to share it. Your Overcoming Testimony of how Jesus empowered you to Overcome opens the Door for others to go through. I if that individual chooses Jesus and His strategy to overcome, then they are given an Overcomer’s anointing to open The Door for others.
My prayer for each of you who chooses to walk through The Door of our Overcoming Testimonies is that you will obtain the Testimony of Jesus Christ, The Spirit of Prophecy and love your life not unto the death.
You see, only when we die to our selfish ways and yield to the LORD can we Overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and have the Testimony of Jesus Christ.
Overcoming is a choice. Just like Salvation is a choice.

Have a Blessed Day.

Beth Auman