fp041406-14Shalom 365 is my heart and prayer for all whom the Lord brings my way. God has given each of us 365 Days per year to walk in His Shalom – nothing missing, nothing broken. Wholeness 365 day a year. Shalom is such a gift from God through the blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ – our Lord and Savior.

He’s granted me so much peace and completeness – I just have to share.  These scripture cards are so dear to my heart and I pray that the Word of God ministers to your heart and that you too will abide in the secret place of the Most High God and partake of His Shalom.

When we hear the word peace we usually associate this to mean an absence of war or strife but, the Hebrew meaning of the word shalom has a very different meaning. The verb form of the root word is shalam and is usually used in the context of making restitution. When a person has caused another to become deficient in some way, such as a loss of livestock, it is the responsibility of  the person who created the deficiency to restore what has been taken, lost or stolen. The verb shalam literally means to make whole or complete. The noun shalom has the more literal meaning of being in a state of wholeness or with no deficiency. The common phrase shalu shalom yerushalayim (pray for the peace of Jerusalem) is not speaking about an abcense of war (though that is part of it) but that Jerusalem (and by extension all of Israel) is complete and whole and  goes far beyond the idea of “peace”. Shalom – Which means Complete in Hebrew    Receive the Shalom of the Lord – be complete.  True Shalom comes only through relationship with Yeshua, He was broken so that you could be whole and complete.  

 Love Beyond Measure,  Beth Auman, Minister of Prayer   

May God bless you and heal you today as you seek Him in Jesus name. Amen

 © Beth Auman 2014-2017

Feel Free to print the Scripture Cards – and use them for God’s Glory alone..













Be Filled


Those that wait on the LORD

Love Never Fails

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Happy New Year Prayer





Love on Display

Keep Asking




The Answer is Yes



AbstainfromEvil<a class=Psalm 117" width="357" height="200" srcset=" 300w, 1024w, 1280w" sizes="(max-width: 357px) 100vw, 357px" />




Eternal-Light my Path





Happy Love Day

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