It Will Not Rise a Second Time by Beth Auman

While studying The Word of The Lord recently I received further Revelation regarding one of my life verses.

I have been reading “The Book of Mysteries,” by Rabi Jonathan Cahn. I highly recommend it. Reading each day has truly been a gift from Abba. I’m learning so much and drawing closer and closer to Jesus.

Today The Lord revealed Himself in regard to His ministry from Capernaum Or in Hebrew Kaphar Nachum. He revealed to me and I received this deep within my heart.

Nahum is the Book where The Lord spoke to me and brought so much deliverance, forgiveness, healing, restoration and it is where He gave me my first smooth stone. The one Word that fell the enemy in every situation. Revelation that He equipped me with. This is in my tool box now to use against the enemy as He leads me to, and it works every single time. Because He is faithful and I’m willing and obedient.

Nahum 1:9 CJB What are you planning against Adonai? He is making an end of it; trouble will not arise a second time.

Nahum 1:9 NASB Whatever you devise against the Lord, He will make a complete end of it. Distress will not rise up twice.

The Lord said this to me: All evil intended for His own people is aimed truly at Him.  He said, I have dealt with this calamity that has risen against you completely and it will not come upon you a second time.

This is a Breaker Anointing – the Anointing from the Lord that breaks the enemies power in the life of God’s own people in such a way that it can NEVER come upon them again! Never!

If you are tired of going through the same thing over and over, then receive His Word today. Identify your IT. What is the devil inflicting upon you that must STOP today? What in your life has happened over and over?  Step forward and receive His Word today. Stop allowing the devil into your life and allow the LORD to bring an end to your suffering. He is well able and He Loves you.

The Lord delivered me from my strong enemy and gave me His Word that my strong enemy would Never come upon me again, in this manner. I have spoken this over my life and the life all those whom Abba has guided me to from that day to this and He has always been Faithful to perform it.

Today I learned about the mystery of Kaphar Nachum and how Abba chose this place of Capernaum for Jesus His Son to dwell and minister from. Where those who were sick were healed. Those oppressed and bound were freed, delivered and restored. Jesus did every form of miracle in Capernaum, (Kaphar Nachum).

He delivered me, healed me and restored me there too, because it is the place where God chose for Jesus to minister from FIRST.

I Declare this over you. Today, embrace His Word. According to Nahum 1:9 God has dealt with your calamity and it shall not rise a second time in the strong and mighty name above all names Jesus Christ. Amen

Scripture References: Matthew 4:13, Matthew 8:5, Matthew 8:5, Mark 2:1, Luke 4:31

I speak Blessings and Shalom over you in Jesus name
Love Beyond Measure.
Beth Auman