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Mothers Day Blessings

Mother’s Day Blessings to everyone

Mothers are given to us by YHWH. He hand picks them from our birth, through our lives. Each one has a unique and special gift that He hand crafted when He formed and fashioned that one who would impart to us when they were in their mother’s womb.

Take a moment today to Praise Adonai for every single Mother that He has chosen to help shape your life and for those yet to come.

Look for them and know that even when the mother of your birth is gone, Abba knows what you need and has already equipped someone to fill that need. If you will receive the mothering gift that He crafted for you.

Mothers can be from birth, through adoption, through bonus (step) parenting or spiritual. They each have a part in maturing us as we walk through this journey called life.

In Proverbs 31:10-31, we find the ABC’s of what a good woman, a choice wife should be. This was in fact written by an excellent Mother. A Hebrews Mother of a Hebrew king. She was teaching him the Alphabet of both letters, numbers, language and how to recognize and choose a good wife to be the mother of his royal children. Oh what Wisdom she taught.

We must also understand that it was the Hebrew Mother’s responsibility to teach the young children the Word of YHWH. The Alphabet here holds such beautiful picture of a Mother teaching her son exactly what a wise woman should be. How to wisely choose a wife, the mother of his children.

There are Motherhood capabilities formed into each of us by YHWH. Gifts that He gave to us to impart to others. We are to become Proverbs 31 women.

Today as you Praise Adonai for the Mothers in your life, even the ones who taught you lessons of pain and sorrow. Make the choice to be the Proverbs 31 kind of woman who Mothers well. Know that some are examples of what to do and some of what not to do. Praise Adonai for the good and bad. Learn from both. Become the well formed arrow that hits the target every time and walk in His abundant love.

Please read Proverbs 31:10-31 let Abba speak to your heart.

Blessings and Shalom in Yeshua – Love Beyond Measure, Beth Auman