Testimony of Ronald Anthony Greene – step into this Door (Yeshua) and be made whole

The Testimony of Yeshua is the Spirit of Prophecy (Revelation 19:10).

Did you know that we can walk through the door of other’s Testimonies and receive a supernatural healing.

Sunday morning at Glory Risers Empowerment Ministries, Apostle Briana Clark invited Ronald Anthony Greene to share his testimony. Wow!! What an open door to walk through for super natural healing! Please Read his Testimony!! and share yours if you receive from his!! Share! Share! Share and may everyone who partakes receive all that Abba has for them in Yeshua’s Name! Amen

Testimony of Ronald Anthony Greene:

1st Question: When you are called back to your doctor’s office what is the worst thing you pray that he will not tell you that you have? Seriously what is your answer? What diagnosis is just the worst? Now since you answered allow me to ask

question #2

2nd Question: What is worse than hearing a doctor tell you that you have cancer? READ the following to find out:

I had an excessive number of close calls with death in 2019 and just wanted to say that My God is an awesome God! For whatever reason God allows some to make it & others he calls home, but here is just a few seconds of my story: Repeat visits to Four different hospitals and many months just at Duke University Hospital where a doctor walks into my room while looking at my chart and says to me; “Wow, you got necrotizing pancreatitis, you would have been better off with cancer!”, I then replied: “Excuse me”? He responded: “Yea, necrotizing pancreatitis carries a 30% mortality rate, which is roughly 1 out of 3 people with your diagnosis will die with what you have, so therefore if you had been diagnosed with some random cancer diagnoses, you odds of survival would have bound to have been much better than 1 out of 3.”

Well at that time I had already lost about 40 pounds which was near death for me since I am a slim guy to begin with, and I had tubes coming out of my nose, my stomach and both arms, fighting to live. Those words were not words of encouragement to me but rather those intended to make me give up, I cried extra hard for 2 days, waking up in the middle of the night crying, once crying from 2 AM to 5:30 AM, then I had a thought, no not a thought, I heard a voice, I didn’t realize till later that it was the voice of the Holy Spirit, anyway while all alone in tears in my hospital bed, The voice said: “Do you still believe that God is going to heal you”? ( I always said my God would heal me) I quickly responded: “Yes, I still believe that God is going to heal me”. Then the voice said to me:

“Then do you think it makes a difference to God whether this is worse than cancer or not worse than cancer”. (pause for a moment and try to absorb that, please go back and read that part again)

Right at that moment I stopped crying and smiled with a little laughter realizing; What do I have to fear, I knew its not like God would respond to my cries for help & healing with an apology like: “Sorry can’t help you.. didn’t realize this was worse than cancer, can’t handle that, maybe if it was something more simple” No, I knew right at that moment He would never leave me nor forsake me that I would one day be able to walk again, eat food and drink liquids again (I was fed intravenously for many months {tube in a vein in my left upper arm ran all the way up and around to my heart called a ‘PICC line’}instructed not a bit of food nor drink of water), that one day I would be completely healed! I knew at that very moment that the message I had received from my doctor which was unintentionally meant to discourage me and make me give up living and go ahead and die, would now be used to strengthen my testimony and that one day I would share with complete strangers that My God is so Awesome and that He has healed me from something far worse that cancer! (if any one ever ask me why I think my diagnoses was far worse than cancer, then I can honestly tell them; ” Because my Doctor told me it was”)

I am now healed and ready to live a new life!

I hope you also live a full and blessed life.

John 3:16-21

Now allow me to end as i do in most my ads with that I get so many responses from people who are facing a tough time That i am now sharing with everyone a song “If You Want Me To” by a blind female Christian artist named Ginny Owens, you might wish to share it as well; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GocT5SAQPNM , Thanks, Ron


Blessings and Shalom – Love Beyond Measure – Beth Auman

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