Declaration For Today In Jesus Name

Each day I go before Adonai and ask Him what I can read to Him. I read and declare as He leads. Recently, He instructed me to share. My hope is that you will be strengthened to move forward by His anointed Word.

Psalm 86 CJB A prayer of David: Listen, Adonai, and answer me, for I am poor and needy. Preserve my life, for I am faithful; save your servant, who puts his trust in you because you are my God. Take pity on me, Adonai, for I cry to you all day. Fill your servant’s heart with joy, for to you, Adonai, I lift my heart. Adonai, you are kind and forgiving, full of grace toward all who call on you. Listen, Adonai, to my prayer; pay attention to my pleading cry. On the day of my trouble I am calling on you, for you will answer me. There is none like you among the gods, Adonai; no deeds compare with yours. All the nations you have made will come and bow before you, Adonai; they will honor your name. For you are great, and you do wonders; you alone are God. Adonai, teach me your way, so that I can live by your truth; make me single-hearted, so that I can fear your name. I will thank you, Adonai my God, with my whole heart; and I will glorify your name forever. For your grace toward me is so great! You have rescued me from the lowest part of Sh’ol. God, arrogant men are rising against me, a gang of brutes is seeking my life, and to you they pay no attention. But you, Adonai, are a merciful, compassionate God, slow to anger and rich in grace and truth. Turn to me, and show me your favor; strengthen your servant, save your slave-girl’s son. Give me a sign of your favor, so that those who hate me will see it and be ashamed, because you, Adonai, have helped and comforted me.

Blessings and Shalom- Love Beyond Measure, Beth Auman

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