Declaration For Today In Jesus Name

Each day I go before Adonai and ask Him what I can read to Him. I read and declare as He leads. Recently, He instructed me to share. My hope is that you will be strengthened to move forward by His anointed Word. I declare life into each of you. His Life, His Love, His Word be it unto you this very day in Yeshua (Jesus’) Name Amen

Psalm 15 CJB A psalm of David: Adonai, who can rest in your tent? Who can live on your holy mountain? Those who live a blameless life, who behave uprightly, who speak truth from their hearts and keep their tongues from slander; who never do harm to others or seek to discredit neighbors; who look with scorn on the vile, but honor those who fear Adonai; who hold to an oath, no matter the cost; who refuse usury when they lend money and refuse a bribe to damage the innocent. Those who do these things never will be moved. Psalm 15:1-5

Adonai, we come before You in Yeshua (Jesus) Name and apply His blood over our lives. It is our hearts desire to live according to Your Word and do what You say.

Forgive each of us Adonai for times that we have not. Strengthen each of us within our inner most being as we set our will to submit to Your way.

We declare and decree Psalm 15 over our lives and truly set our will to live His way in Jesus Name

Blessings and Shalom- Love Beyond Measures, Beth Auman

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