Sweet Perfume – By Conny H.

fp052705-06When I was still a young Christian I heard this song, called “Sweet Perfume” written by John Wimber, and it deeply touched my heart. These words healed and nourished my soul. I even printed the song out on cards to give to other women because I could see that so many needed to hear this message, too. I saw the same response over and over as they read the words and let them sink in. Often, I saw tears streaming down their faces when they allowed those words to touch their hearts.

I haven’t thought of this song in many years. I had to google it to find it again – thank God for the wonders of modern technology!

As I pondered the words again I felt the Lord had this message for me – and maybe someone else needs to hear this, too.

He spoke to my heart and said, “My child, this song is still true. You have often been disappointed in yourself, seen your shortcomings and your failures. You have prayed many prayers that seem like they haven’t been answered and somehow you blamed yourself and found it hard to believe that they are still as a sweet perfume to Me. I want to bring back to your remembrance the truth and gently guide you back into the unconditional love of your heavenly Father. You cannot earn more love and you cannot lose any of it. Just believe these words today and let Me love you.”

 Sweet Perfume

(John Wimber)

Consider how He loves you

His arms of love enfold you

Like a sweet, sweet perfume

He left His word to guide us

His presence lives inside us

Like a sweet, sweet perfume


Don’t ever think

That you’re worthless

You have his life within

You are a sweet,

Wholesome fragrance

So valuable to Him


He’ll light up all your darkness

And fill you with his Spirit

Like a sweet, sweet perfume


Your prayers are very precious

They reach the heart of Jesus

Like a sweet, sweet perfume


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